Below is news for Midas Gelbvieh. Latest show results, stud purchases, family news. Please click on the years for news from that year.


2014 -- This year has been a nightmare with the drought taking its toll on the Midas herd with a reduction in numbers of cows by at least 50%. It has been a struggle to keep cattle alive and to get them in calf again -- the cost is amazing. Last year we made a consious decision to not show this year and luckily we have not. We will be back in 2015. I must say that Midas cattle that we sold have been performing very well in the show ring which is pleasing to see. The commercial side is pleasing as we have repeat buyers for bulls. This year the QLD Gelbvieh sale was put off as we did not have enough numbers. If you are interested in bulls please go to my Sales page as I have some photos of bulls just started on feed -- if interested please contact me.

Beef/15 Rockhampton

Wed 27th May 2015

What a great showing of Gelbvieh cattle at Rocky this year. Midas was right in the mix with good results in all classes entered. Midas Windlass K9 came 3rd in her class to a couple of fine heifers. Midas Opal  K3 and Midas Windlass K4 shared the spoils in the 12-15 month female class with K3 prevailing and then going on to claim the Calf Ch... more details

News 2015

Fri 24th Apr 2015

It has been a while since Midas has been in the show ring. As Beef 2015 is on we decided to recommence again after taking a year off due to the very severe drought of 2014. Our first show was at Proston where they all behaved themselves with the highlight being Midas Lorna J72 taking Reserve Junior Champion Euro heifer and Midas Windlass J003 ta... more details