Thank you to all the Purchasers who have previously bought Midas Gelbvieh Bulls.

We have bulls for immediate sale available now.

Please contact us at your convenience, as the interest is high.

Below are our Bulls for sale at present. These photos were taken on the 6/8/17.   Please contact me if you need more information.


Bulls Cows and Heifers -- Registered / Unregistered are available for Private Sale


BULLS for sale 2017 -- see photos below

These Bulls have been reared in a grass paddock with a mollasses lick avaiable since weaning and then placed on feed on the 2/6/17 so have progressed very well. All these bulls are POLLED. 



28/08/2017 Lonnie Stone performed scans on these bulls and the results are below :-       

 Bull       P8        Rib Fat         EMA         iMF%

 L36       4             4               133          4.3

 L42       8             6               128          5.8

 L43       11           7               122          5.0

 L46       8             6               117          5.0

 L48       6             5               127          5.5

 L51       6             4               123          3.7

 L53        6             5              121           3.5

 L56        10           7               111          3.7

 L59         10          8               111          4.8

 L69         7            5               112          4.8

 L73         5            4               114          4.0

 L45         9            8                128


Midas Laramie L045

Lot Number
SireCarolina Fortune
DamEbony Lodge Sheraton D11

Has had many show successes with Grand Champion Gelbvieh bull at Gympie 2016 and Senior Champion Bull EKKA 2017.

Midas L36

Lot Number1
SireMidas G45
DamMidas Windlass B22

Midas L42

Lot Number2
SireMidas Francisco
DamMidas Windlass B5


Midas L43

Lot Number3
SireMidas Francisco
DamEbony Lodge Amelia D33

Midas L46

Lot Number4
SireMidas Francisco
DamMidas Opal H14


Midas L048

Lot Number5
SireMidas G45
DamMidas Opal H46

Midas L051

Lot Number6
SireMidas Francisco
DamMidas Aster H51

Midas L53

Lot Number7
SireMidas Francisco
DamMidas Elsa H36

Midas L56

Lot Number8
SireMidas Francisco
DamMidas Aster H82

Midas L059

Lot Number9
SireTriple U Bull ( USA )
DamEbony Lodge Sheraton D12

Midas L069

Lot Number10
SireMidas G45
DamMidas Aster F13

Midas L073

Lot Number11
SireMidas Francisco
DamMidas Aster F08